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named jack brister were both killed very close to the end of the north africa campaign in april 1943. >> what happened? >> how did they die speak with your uncle. >> well, he was in an isolated position. i went to tunisia to see what the land was like, where they were fighting. this wonderfully interesting and exciting. it's a very broken, dry, rocky, hilly kind of terrain. and any small group of men who was kind of separate from the body of the battalion was very isolated, and user difficult to get, i'm giving away the end of the book. do you think it's a good idea bikes. >> it's up to you. >> i won't go into too much detail. he basically, a sniper killed him. it was kind of under no circumstances. he volunteered to go out with another man to find a can position that had been caring for troops. and in the course of that, there was a guy behind a haystack who just took him out with a rifle, and, unfortunately, he was so far from medical help that he bled to death before he could get the kind of help he needed. >> by 1943 they were fully incorporated into the british army? >> oh, yes.
to transfer to the american army if america actually joined the fray. one of them, jack brister, the other fellow killed in tunisia made the decision to transfer to the american army in april of 1923, not long before he was killed and he got the paperwork done. john gilbert winan, so they had good connections and jack brewster jess -- brister requested a transfer. two hours after he was killed, and i won't explain how he was killed. the readers can get the book to find that out. two hours after he was killed, the papers came through for him to transfer to the american army. >> the three they came back, what kind of careers did they pursue? >> well, chuck alt-a was a man who was an editor at the daily dartmouth. he had been sort of a committed newspaper man from the time he wrote in high school for the rich connecticut newspaper. and he came back and went to work for the voice of america, writing press dispatches. but he very quickly was diverted to an effort to found a new veterans organization. it's kind of an interesting story too called the american veterans community which was intended
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2